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DirectVHDL for Windows

Learn VHDL the direct way with our low-cost, interactive VHDL simulator. DirectVHDL is built around a VHDL interpreter that allows you to edit and simulate your VHDL design without complicated setup or compilation procedures. DirectVHDL simply loads and simulates in one step.

Now $49, DirectVHDL is great way to get started with VHDL.

Buy Now! from our secure on-line store. DirectVHDL is no longer available.

DirectVHDL includes the following:

VHDL Workspace - an easy-to-use manager that serves as a starting point to launch the VHDL editor and simulator.
VHDL Editor - an advanced editor providing syntax coloring and syntax-error detection. Perfect for beginners, this editor highlights syntax errors as you type!
VHDL Simulator - allows you to simulate and debug your design with a graphical waveform viewer.
VHDL Tutorial - provides an easy introduction to the VHDL language.


• Windows

Windows Me, 2000, XP, or Vista
15 MB hard disk space
64 MB RAM.

• Mac OS X

See DirectVHDL for Mac OS X page.


• The group and reject keywords are not supported.
• Configurations are not completely supported.
• Libraries are not supported except the builtin IEEE libraries (std_logic_1164, numeric_bit, numeric_std, std_logic_textio, std_logic_arith, std_logic_signed, std_logic_unsigned).

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